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Hong Kong Silver Age International Jewelry Co pandora disney charms sale ., Ltd., Hangzhou Silver Age Jewelry Co., Ltd., silver top ten brands, founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, product style to fashion, simple, personalized, elegant for the mainstream, professional research and development of silver products well-known enterprises


“SILVER AGE Silver Age” was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, frozen charms for pandora bracelet the founder was engaged in the advertising industry and made a contribution in the industry, Ms. Qiu Yuan Fang. Brand founder for women have their own different understanding of the standard, breaking the traditional concept. She believes that the new era of women should be the same for the cause of the same warm pursuit of love pandora charms disney collection ; for life with a self-attitude, not secular, not with the flow, always maintain their own attitude and attitude of life. And her understanding of fashion is – fashion is the attitude of life and the inner world of a way of expression, a self-attitude to maintain.
In 1997, Ms. Qiu Yuanfang was invited by friends to Hong Kong for fashion brand research, keen to capture the sterling silver jewelry will set off a strong fashion consumer trends,mickey pandora charm  they are determined to create a new wave of oriental jewelry to lead the silver brand, in order to To express their understanding of the new era of women and the interpretation of fashion. The In the advertising industry under the accumulation of deep branding skill Qiu Yuan Fang and friends after several discussions immediately identified the creation of silver brand ideas. The following year, “SILVER AGE Silver Age” brand was officially born in Hong Kong,pandora charms disney exclusive  an innovative spirit of fashion silver fashion era also opened! “SILVER AGE Silver Age” will be the new urban women’s lifestyle and fashion spirit and silver jewelry unique blend of temperament, and soon get a lot of young women and fashion people’s attention and respected. Brand in-depth study of urban new women’s lifestyle, inner world, with rich design concept of the product as a carrier interpretation of the new urban lifestyle and fashion attitude. new disney pandora charms 2017 Wear silver jewelry is the era of fashion lifestyle is the pursuit of self-inner world is the best way to express.
In 2001, Ms. Qiu Yuanfang officially “SILVER AGE silver era” into the mainland, so that silver fashion trend affect the broader population. Brand has been established, has become China’s silver jewelry fashion trend to lead the brand.

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In the Greater China region is the first to get this award of the diamond business wedding pandora charms , status detached. In addition, Chow Tai Fook also became the international mining giant Rio Tinto Group’s Rio Tinto diamonds Rio Tinto Diamonds selected diamantaire (Select Diamantaire),cheap pandora bracelets

status equivalent to the special dealer. In the Greater China region, only a handful of diamond traders also received both awards.
Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Group, which specializes in Chow Tai Fook’s brand jewelery and jewelery business official disney pandora charms . It is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates raw material procurement, production design and retail service. Chow Tai Fook sales of a wide range of goods, fashionable and unique, very taste,

In the master dialogue, Mr. Huang Shaoji and guests to explore how the French design into the Chinese brand, and pointed out that China is trying to carry out scientific and technological innovation, to cope with changes in global consumption trends. Chow Tai Fook in 2014 to buy the US luxury diamond brand Hearts On Fire pandora uk disney , is committed to promoting high value and new cultural products, at the same time, learn from the development of luxury brand experience for Chow Tai Fook bring fresh brand development and product design. In France, the constant pursuit of modeling aesthetic design will be able to provide new possibilities for Chinese enterprises and brands!
The Young Life hopes to bring people new, young and dynamic lifestyles, to exercise and feel the natural, with more sense of responsibility and love to pay attention to social and public welfare beaded animal bracelets . Because the young, the body and the soul should be on the road. Young, never stop!
Chow Tai Fook North China special event for the launch of the commemorative products – gold bookmarks to Huizhou architecture and traditional cheongsam for the shape to show “the book has its own gold house, the book own Yan Ruyu” ancient training. This is both in order to echo the more popular humanistic style in 2017,  vintage silver charms but also in 2017, The Young Life will be sports, reading and public welfare together embodied.
July 11, 2017, Chow Tai Fook North China District 2017 “The Young Life 5 km family music” activities in Jinan Shimao International Plaza Wanda Studios officially launched. “The Young Life” series of theme activities since last year launched, for the public, advocate young mind, positive energy way of life charms for charm bracelets silver .

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Jacob in 1890 immigrated from Europe to New York, is a well-known craftsmen. His career was later inherited by Harry Winston, pandora birthstone flower charm who was the father of Renault. Because Hai Rui born with excellent business wrist, high-quality diamonds have unique vision, he succeeded in selling jewelry to New York rich upper class, and only 24 years old founded the first company.
Klein Patera, the god of the sun god, her dazzling light filling the Bulgari Rose Jin Yang perfume fragrance connotation, her immortal spirit will also be in this charming fragrance series has been extended,pandora birthstone flower charm  Modern feminine white woman. As one of the most famous beauticians in history, she was very knowledgeable about the art of temptation, making Julius Caesar and Marc Antony the two most prominent leaders in history. For her dumping. Her clever, glamorous, pose the achievements of her unique peerless elegance,pandora black and white flower charm  but also let her become a history of praise, Zhuoer different Pharaohs. Klein Patera has many talents, and the most talked about is that she is very good at creating, the use of “love weapons” – such as jewelry and perfume, so that her lover was captivated.
Decided to lure the Roman Empire General Mark Anthony that night, Cleopatra’s palace covered with knee-length rose petals, fresh roses fragrance filled room big flower earrings . People always say that fragrance can be aphrodisiac, passion and passion between partners to become more powerful and long-term may be the resulting Rose is the favorite flower of Cleopatra, in addition to love the aroma of roses, the rose has long been the most recognizable personal symbol of Egyptian Yan.
November 15, 2012 (Rome time) BVLGARI Bvlgari hand in hand “Save the Children” celebration party held in Rome, Italy grand celebration BVLGARI Bvlgari for the “Save the Children” donated more than silver charms for jewelry making 20 million US dollars.

Many Chinese stars and celebrities from all walks of life attended the celebration of the celebration.
Top jewelry brand “BVLGARI Bvlgari”, following the 2015 Taipei 101 building mall hangs SERPENTI lighting art after the feat, once again hit the $ 20 million in heavy,pandora happy little bird charm  Taichung big foothold in the first Diva Tower lighting device art The In the Far East Department Store General Manager Xu Xuefang, Bulgari Taiwan Managing Director Zhang Limin together lights, in the 50,000 LED lights under the embellishment, Diva Tower blooming bright dazzling light, attracting people across the eyes.
Zhang Limin said that in recent years, Bulgari through large-scale installation art, to enter the mass of life, to convey to the public Italian aesthetic style pandora bird necklace . Last year’s SERPENTI lighting device art caused a warm response, the road between the public overwhelmed by Taipei 101 shopping malls magnificent snake-type lighting attracted, stop to enjoy; Bulgari this year, the introduction of Diva Tower lighting art, as with the Taiwan culture Exchange gifts.

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Abstract: Dai Mengde wedding season start ceremony: find pandora jewelry  thousands of shine, and love counterparts, collection of carat drill national tour Zhen product show in the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center and Jiefang Road Wanda Plaza held at the same time, this tour, wearing a dream show five 100 high-quality carat diamonds, and hundreds of pieces of the total value of more than hundreds of millions of the latest top of the jade jewelry pandora white gold necklace . High-quality carat drill concentrated display, the integration of color and precious metals, geometric sense of creative modeling, exclusive custom design and other elements of the integrated use of the ancient city of jewelry lovers the first time to grasp the pulse of the international epidemic discount pandora bracelets .

April 18 to 28, 2014, wearing a dream wedding season start ceremony: thousands of shine, and love counterparts, “collection of carved drill national tour Zhenpin” product show in the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center and Jiefang Road Wanda Plaza held at the same time pandora charms american flag , Xi’an jewelery fans witnessed this collection of rare carat diamonds, gorgeous jade art of the top jewelry event.
The tour, wearing a dream of jewelry exhibited 500 high-quality carat diamonds, and hundreds of pieces of the total value of more than hundreds of millions of the latest top of the jade jewelry. High-quality carat drill concentrated display, the integration of color and precious metals, pandora mum charm  geometric sense of creative modeling, exclusive custom design and other elements of the integrated use of the ancient city of jewelry lovers the first time to grasp the pulse of the international epidemic. The event attracted a lot of jewelry lovers, on-site try customers flocked, sales are very hot. “I did not expect to have so many carats to let me choose.” pandora retired charms  In the design work of Miss Zhang lamented.
Recently, the Consumer Protection Committee held the eleventh consumer trust units in recognition of the General Assembly, Dai Mengde shopping center won the “Jiaxing City, the Eleventh consumer trust units” award.

Consumer trust units by the Jiaxing  2017 pandora charms City Consumer Protection Committee initiated by the unit voluntary declaration, Consumer Protection Committee audit, evaluation, and publicity to the community, the final assessment of the industry in good business, social awareness, according to the law Implementation of the “People ‘s Republic of China Consumer Protection Law” unit pandora dog charm .

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Traditional jewelry brand Chow Sang Sang is also thinking about how this end with the end of this combination of IP, you can take the “naval king” necklace from pandora entrance to grab a large number of second-time users have not been covered, so that the traditional sense of the old brand Into the circle of young people.
In recent years, a large number of foreign light luxury jewelry brand began to snatch the Chinese market, like PANDORA, TASAKI, agatha, etc.,  pandora necklaces and bracelets many are because of a Korean drama, Japanese drama implantation and sudden emergence of the brand, these new forces to join the traditional domestic brands All of a sudden feel the pressure, “We do not want to be a mother’s jewelry brand, pandora bead charms not when the user wants to marry when we think of us, we hope to be integrated into everyone’s daily work life,” Chow Tai Fook’s business executives have Tell electricity online.

Live demonstrapandora sister bead
pandora bracelet sister charm tion of diamond pandora sister charm bead cutting process with traditional diamond grinding techniques. And the video area is more use of ultra-high-definition television broadcast International Gemological Institute of the first 3D effect of the three-dimensional film with diamonds, the public wear 3D glasses, you can see 4K resolution in the most clear and sharp, four times higher than the full HD 3D image. The scene also set a rare day of the professional test equipment, visitors can carry their own arbitrary diamond, personally detect the internal structure of diamonds pandora bracelet for sale .
Hefei Yin Tai Shopping Center, 2nd Floor, brought together the world’s first-line fashion brand, a high-end shopping mall in Hefei. This time, Chow Sang Sang new design of the shop, pandora gold bracelet price  but also elegant and extraordinary image of the extraordinary grand debut, extraordinary momentum.
Zhou Shengsheng in addition to continue to bring new diamond ornaments design, more dedicated to provide guests with pleasant shopping space.  silver pandora bracelet price Hefei Yin Tai shop, the implementation of Chow Sang Sang brand design elements, the use of transparent glass curtain wall to create dynamic effects, bright and soft lighting to enhance shopping comfort.

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What is gold pearl?
Nanyang gold pearl referred to as “Golden Pearl”,

is a kind of Nanyang pearl. Golden pearl produced in the lips, this mussels individual largest, so nurtured out of the size of the Nanyang gold pearl is also very large. The most common size is generally 9-15mm, the largest 18MM, according to records found that the largest South Sea beads diameter reached 21MM cheap pandora charm bracelets.
Why is the price difference between gold pearl?

Nanyang pearl is the best in pearls, whether it is in the precious degree or price are called: the king of pearls.
Nanyang pearl mother is very rare and its more sensitive to the requirements of the environment is very high, must be in the calm of the deep sea without pollution to survive sterling silver cheap pandora charms . So the cultivation of Nanyang pearls is very difficult, while its breeding cycle is very long, must ensure that the pearl shell placed at the bottom of the sea at least health to live for six years to harvest pearls. General Nanyang pearls can only rely on marine fishing, plus the Australian government  pandora christmas charms sale on the annual Nanyang mother of pearl shellfish to develop a small limit and strict management regulations, so the production of Nanyang Golden Pearl is very rare, resulting in gold Pearl prices have been high.
Golden pearl price depends on the quality of its pearl quality, as well as its size, shape, surface finish. Pearl quality determines its luster, the more luster the more pearls the more beautiful pandora earrings cheap . And the size of the pearl of gold pearl price is also its key role. The greater the shape of the pearl cultivation more difficult, the longer the incubation time, so the greater the shape of the pearl is more rare, things vaguely expensive, so the greater the price of gold pearl the higher this is inevitable pandora bracelet sale 2017 .
One of the main reasons for the big difference in price is its size. Before 1993,order pandora charms the relatively high-quality small particles of gold pearls: 9 ~ 14mm, each gold pearl price of about 300 to 800 US dollars, 130 to 200 US dollars per gram, and now gold pearl prices have risen to 400 to 600 US dollars per gram pandora bracelet best price . If it is larger particles of gold pearls, such as more than 15mm round gold pearl price is not just a small pearl doubled, but showing an exponential rise. Which led to why the price of gold pearls vary widely.
In addition to the size of the pearl of the impact of gold pearl jewelry, the shape of the more round, the stronger the gloss, the surface defects less gold pearl value higher pandora style beads cheap .
Why is the price difference between gold pearl?
I believe we read the above to explain the number of heart it! Golden pearl is very rare and rare, so it is not easy to make a lot of jewelry, or even string into a necklace is not so simple thing cheap pandora rings online . From a lot of pearls in the selection of a string of symmetrical golden pearl necklace, is really difficult, often takes 6 months to 12 months. String of Nanyang gold pearl necklace prices are generally more than ten million. Currently on the market gold pearl jewelry is generally more pearl rings, pendants, earrings these pearl-shaped pearl jewelry
where can i buy pandora charms online .
Xiao Bian that consumers in the purchase of gold pearls, according to their own economic ability and preferences to pick gold pearl. Especially to remind consumers that the market is now emerging on the false beads, consumers in the purchase is to pay more attention, the best choice to have genuine protection of the brand to buy authentic pandora charms sale .

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Abstract: pearl jewelry has become a popular trend in the new century,  cheap pandora Dangle Charms only understand the real pearl women, it seems to have taste and temperament. However, the market there are many fake and shoddy pearls, then, how to identify a pearl necklace true and false and good or bad? What is the pearl brand? Next, buy network Xiaobian to come to you for a detailed introduction.
What kind of pearl good pearl quality appreciation and identification pandora bracelet for charms
One, look luster
The so-called “jewel”, luster is the soul of pearls. No light, less light pearls on the lack of aura. Look at the light, the pearl should be flat on the white cloth, can see the pearls overflow overflowing luster; and facing the light to see, good pearls can see the colorful rainbow, rich levels of changes,beads pandora  but also See the metal texture of the spherical, and even can be mapped out of the pupil, especially bright can be included in the A-level, slightly second to the B-class.

What kind of pearl good pearl quality appreciation and identification
Gloss level quality requirements pandora bangle price 
Very strong A reflected light is particularly bright, sharp, uniform, the surface like a mirror, the image is very clear
Strong B reflected light bright, sharp, uniform, the image is very clear
C in the reflected light bright, the surface can see the object image
Weak D reflected light is weak, the surface can see the object, but the image is more vague
Second, look flaws  pandora charms new
Surface pox, spot, India, pits, the less the better points, generally in the 0.5 meters away can not see the flaws as acceptable standards. A-class standard for 100% smooth surface, the naked eye near to see no flaws. Of course, with magnifying glass are difficult to see that the flaw is the best pick in the Need, such as mariculture pearl finish level buy pandora.

Finish level quality requirements;
No time to observe the surface of the naked eye smooth and delicate, very difficult to observe the surface flaws;
Leisure B surface has very little flaws, like needle-like, the naked eye is difficult to observe;
Small leisure C has a small flaw, the naked eye easy to observe pandora 50th charms;
Defective defects are obvious, accounting for less than a quarter of the surface area;
The defective E flaw is evident, seriously occupying more than a quarter of the surface area;
Third, look at the color bracelets like pandora
The color of the pearls is rich and colorful, especially the fresh water. The best pearl color is black, gold, white with rosy color halo. Black pearls are few, very rare, artificial breeding is subject to conditions, so good black pearl prices are particularly expensive. The reason why there are many pearls of pearls, white gold pandora charms because the shellfish and the growth of different waters, pearl quality contains the color of metal ions are different.

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Colored group refers to some do not belong to light or dark, gold and silver pandora charms but with other colors of pearls. Such as tin gray, green, blue, purple, purple, yellow – golden yellow and so on. This is not common in pearls, but because of its color is not gorgeous, the lack of fascinating charm, so the market price is not necessarily higher than the light group. However, those who have golden hues in the colored group known as the pandora disney charms uk  “golden beads” of the pearls, discount pandora jewelryit is the most expensive pearl on the market today. It is reported that the current global production is about 100 kg per year, of which 9-14MM ball average price of 400-600 US dollars per gram, that is, each 900-2500 US dollars.
Pearl body color in addition to natural color, but also artificial color. Especially in the black group pearl most feel artificial color, there are four ways to know the artificial color pandora believe in magic charm .


One is bleached. Pearls, especially light-colored pearls after bleaching, bleaching is the processing technology that must be done. Sometimes repeated repeated bleaching to remove some of the pearl surface of the stain, increase the whiteness and brightness. This processing is considered to pandora suitcase charm  be optimized and acceptable.
Second, dyeing treatment. One of the most common is the use of silver salt black black pearl, in recent years also see organic dyed black pearl and other colored beads. Dyed beads more than a single color, pandora type charms halo color is not strong, shiny weak, but the color of color beads will be more vivid color; enlargement check can be seen irregular scattered stains; if the pearl surface cracks, visible stains In this relative concentration. Which with silver salt stained pearls, if dipped in 2% dilute nitric acid cotton ball test, dalmatian pandora charm we can see the cotton ball stained with black or dark brown. From the perforation of pearls, the visible layer is limited to the surface.
Third, radiation color. Radiation can make light beads into black, bronze, peacock green, dark purple, dark blue and so on. According to the study, pandora disney range the reason why pearls will be due to high-energy radiation and color, set with its components containing trace manganese. Sea water beads with low manganese, so the radiation after the lighter color, more silver gray. Radiation colored pearls can have a good halo color. But the heat generated when the radiation can make the pearl layer slightly inflated, pandora christmas dog charm water loss, resulting in sporadic irregular cracks (some under the surface). Its color that is concentrated nitric acid test will not fade. From the perforation check, if the nuclear beads, we can see the color of beads below the beads more deep. In addition pandora pet charms , the natural color of the Tahiti black pearls (including raising beads), in the ultraviolet light often issued red fluorescence, and dyeing beads or radiation coloring black pear no red fluorescence. This is one of the most important bases for identifying them.
Four is color and colored artificial beads to breed colored beads gold dog charms for bracelets . This colored beads from the appearance is difficult to identify, the best way is to use endoscopy, from the pearl perforation to observe, you can see the beads on the surface of a significant color layer.

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Abstract: What kind of pearl to buy the best color? To know good or bad, cheap pandora Safety Chains  may wish to first understand the total number of pearls under a total of how many colors, how many species classification. Common pearls are mostly silver and white, but there are many other colors. The general pearl color is silver white, milk white, porcelain white, white rose, pink, yellowish, black, blue and black, gray black, brown black, dark blue, pandora minnie mouse charm dark green, dark brown, purple brown and bronze , In addition to these natural colors, there are some in the market there are businessmen artificial dyeing pearls, the following for everyone to introduce the color of pearls, pearl which color looks good, pearl artificial color method minnie mouse pandora bracelet charm .
Pearl color which pearl which color looks good pearl artificial color method
black Pearl
Pearl color which pearl which color looks good pearl artificial color method
What is the color of pearls? Common pearls are mostly silver and white, but there are many other colors.
The color of pearls can be divided into body color and halo. Halo is caused by the physical optical effect,
pandora frozen collection it is with the opacity of the beads, the thickness of the beads and other factors. Body color is the color of the pearl itself. What is the color of pearls? According to the different body color of pearls, pearls are divided into three groups: light group, black group and colored group pandora mickey bracelet.
Light-colored pearls are the most common pearls. The group of common colors are silver, milky white, porcelain white, white rose, pink, yellowish and so on. Among them, silver and white commonly known as “silver light skin” is the most favorite colors of the people; followed by commonly known as “beauty drunk” and “baby face” pink,disney charm beads  but also by the people’s favorite. At present, the highest price is mainly from Australia and other South Pacific white “South Sea beads”. It is reported that its output is only 2300 kg per year. The average price is $ 120-161 per gram. Which diameter 9-12MM ball, each price of 100-600 US dollars pandora disney 2017 , 13-15MM is 800-5000 US dollars, 16-20MM is 6000-10000 US dollars. The most unpopular in the light group is the slightly yellow pearl. In fact, light-colored pearls after a long period of time to wear and wear, often will gradually turn yellow, so there are “people old bead worthless,” the saying goes.
Black group or dark group, are some dark and dark pearls, pandora walt disney world  such as black, blue and black, gray black, brown black, dark blue, dark green, dark brown, purple and bronze and other colored pearls. Such pearls due to the origin is relatively small, mainly from the South Pacific Tahiti a sea area, pandora charms disneyland with an annual output of about 5,000 kilograms, so long has been a relatively valuable pearl species. It is reported that the average price of black beads per gram 160-200 dollars. Of which 8MM ball, each about 120 US dollars; 10MM each 250 US dollars; 18MM each 24,000 US dollars each. Black pearls because of the high price, therefore, in addition to the natural color in the market, but also common by artificial dyeing or radiation from the color of the “black pearl.”  pandora disney parks The price of the latter is quite different from the natural ones.

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Abstract: Choosing a pearl earrings for yourself is a very important knowledge pandora Murano Glass . You still wear a pair of small pearl earrings for ten years and too lazy to change? Here, teach you to choose the pearl earrings for your style.
Pearl earrings how to choose pearl earrings with the skills discount pandora jewelry online store
In all jewelry, earrings with the face of the most close, earrings is the most able to reconcile the face, the most able to make the face glowing jewelry. Therefore, the correct selection of a pearl earrings for their own is a very important knowledge. You still wear a pair of small pearl earrings for ten years and too lazy to change? pandora leather bracelet sale In this era of fashion, fashion accessories is the key to winning, a unique pearl earrings, can increase the details of the charm, so you suddenly bright spots, revealing infinite style, as a magic power of the dotted wizard. Pearl earrings how to choose the style, the following pearl beauty Xiaobian for everyone to explain the pearl earrings style selection skills.
(1) different color pearl earrings earrings style choice complete pandora bracelets for sale
① color is white people are very happy, because the ski n white people wearing any color pearl earrings are very equipped. May choose to choose to wear some with gemstones inlaid together, the color is more brilliant some of the pearl earrings, can set off the brilliance of color pandora bracelets and charms discount.

② color darker people should not wear color is too saturated, bright, bright colored stones pearl earrings, it is recommended to choose a little light color earrings, white earrings the best.
In short, the darker people should wear light-colored earrings, lighter color should wear dark earrings, the depth of contrast with each other, mutual glory, beautiful pandora jewelry outlet online.

(2) different face pearl earrings style choice
① oval face: suitable for any kind of pearl earrings, the largest range of choice, how love with how on, by contrast, generous or large circle is the ideal style.
② round face: should be selected hanging pearl earrings, to cause a sense of slender, play the role of elongated face, to avoid wearing a round earrings, because the round stressed that the more prominent shortcomings, that will make the face look More horizontal width, and do not wear a very small earrings pandora charms clearance on sale , it will make the whole face looks bigger. Select the lines of the angle of the pearl earrings style, you can highlight the cheekbones, reducing the feeling of full of fat.
③ square face: should wear curly lines or round, oval and other round pearl earrings, can help reduce the [square] feeling to cushion the face of the edges and corners, button or hanging earrings is also very appropriate, so that the face seems to compare Slender where to buy pandora bracelets cheap . Try to avoid earrings, because the earrings generally only face a good crush just wear the right.
④ inverted triangle face: This is characterized by full and full forehead, chin thin. Should be selected on the narrow width of the wide, such as triangular, pear-shaped earrings, to strengthen the width of the lower part of the ornaments, so that the chin was slightly wider, wearing a sharp angle when the top  pandora offers uk or the upper metal design slightly elongated, Of the section. Ear-style earrings is the most unfavorable, should avoid any zygomatic part of the earrings can be larger.
⑤ long face can choose a large circular structure of the pearl earrings, so you can achieve the effect of shortening the face, not wearing a bead-style, to avoid long long earrings, wholesale pandora within a medium length to round or rounded Earrings can add a sense of fullness for the face.

(3) different occasions pearl earrings style choice
①, work can wear a simple pearl earrings with a suit, to pay attention to the ins and outs, work too thick, will reduce the sense of the value of earrings cheap pandora sale .
②, the daily leisure to wear exaggerated geometric earrings picture, rough wood earrings, gypsy-style giant ring is a wild taste, can make people full of bold modern pandora store sale.
There are countless pearl earrings, but as long as you master the above pearl earrings style selection techniques, you will be able to find a most suitable for their own pearl earrings, find the corresponding harmonic earrings to wear modification, so that the face inclined to perfect Showing extraordinary demeanor and temperament mickey mouse ring pandora .