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Abstract: Crystal necklace as an ornament, gold and silver pandora charms composed of crystal and metal parts. It is divided into amethyst necklace, yellow crystal necklace, white crystal necklace, topa necklace, olivine necklace, green crystal necklace, smoke crystal necklace, pink crystal necklace, black crystal necklace, natural crystal necklace. Crystal necklace how to weave, the following is a detailed illustration for everyone pandora butterfly charm dangle . Also tell you the crystal necklace with the skills.
[Crystal Necklace] Crystal Necklace Drawing Illustration Crystal Necklace with the skills
Crystal Necklace Drawing Illustration

Crystal necklace with skills
The relationship between necklace and collar
1, sharp collar in addition to the general necklace with the outside authentic pandora charms wholesale , with long crystal necklace will be very good, do not be afraid of several necklaces layers together, like two strings of long necklace with a sharp collar suit, often more than a string of more vivid.
2, boat-shaped collar and collar is a perfect match, a little longer necklace is also good, as long as the necklace does not just end at the bottom of the collar can be where to buy cheap pandora bracelets .
3, high collar can be used with any less than 3 cm below the clavicle necklace.
4, wearing a round necklace wearing a necklace when the necklace should pay attention to the arc and the collar is not completely parallel.
The relationship between necklace and face cheap pandora birthstone rings 
1, long face type long face is more suitable for wearing “round effect” of the necklace, like the traditional jewelry, precious stones necklace, surrounded by the unique distribution of the unique charm of the neck. Short pajamas necklace, both in line with your face,kids pandora bracelet  has represented the requirements of fashion, you can highlight the pretty while at the same time, let the face looks shorter.
2, oval face need to follow the “lower edge than the upper edge” of the pendant, coupled with the chest lock showing the V-shaped lines, will you elegant and elegant temperament set off the most vividly. In fact, many necklace shape is very suitable for melon face shape, pick their favorite to wear on the OK cheap pandora jewellery.
3, round face round face of the people should not wear collars or round beads into a large necklace, too many lines is not conducive to adjust your face visual impression, if you wear a little longer or pendant necklace, you can use the necklace Hang the resulting “V” -shaped angle to enhance the coherence of the face with the neck. In other words, with a part of the neck and a part of the face connected to the face of the visual length has changed.
4, square face square face MM wear beautiful arc-shaped necklace cheap charms for charm bracelets , you can ease the face of the Founder lines. If you wear beaded necklace, bead shape should avoid diamond or square. Square face MM choose a pendant necklace or long necklace with clavicle, in the chest to form a beautiful arc, you can balance the wider jaw bone lines, neck shorter MM choose the length of the neck below the clavicle below the necklace good looking cheapest pandora ring  .

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