Abstract: Choosing a pearl earrings for yourself is a very important knowledge pandora Murano Glass . You still wear a pair of small pearl earrings for ten years and too lazy to change? Here, teach you to choose the pearl earrings for your style.
Pearl earrings how to choose pearl earrings with the skills discount pandora jewelry online store
In all jewelry, earrings with the face of the most close, earrings is the most able to reconcile the face, the most able to make the face glowing jewelry. Therefore, the correct selection of a pearl earrings for their own is a very important knowledge. You still wear a pair of small pearl earrings for ten years and too lazy to change? pandora leather bracelet sale In this era of fashion, fashion accessories is the key to winning, a unique pearl earrings, can increase the details of the charm, so you suddenly bright spots, revealing infinite style, as a magic power of the dotted wizard. Pearl earrings how to choose the style, the following pearl beauty Xiaobian for everyone to explain the pearl earrings style selection skills.
(1) different color pearl earrings earrings style choice complete pandora bracelets for sale
① color is white people are very happy, because the ski n white people wearing any color pearl earrings are very equipped. May choose to choose to wear some with gemstones inlaid together, the color is more brilliant some of the pearl earrings, can set off the brilliance of color pandora bracelets and charms discount.

② color darker people should not wear color is too saturated, bright, bright colored stones pearl earrings, it is recommended to choose a little light color earrings, white earrings the best.
In short, the darker people should wear light-colored earrings, lighter color should wear dark earrings, the depth of contrast with each other, mutual glory, beautiful pandora jewelry outlet online.

(2) different face pearl earrings style choice
① oval face: suitable for any kind of pearl earrings, the largest range of choice, how love with how on, by contrast, generous or large circle is the ideal style.
② round face: should be selected hanging pearl earrings, to cause a sense of slender, play the role of elongated face, to avoid wearing a round earrings, because the round stressed that the more prominent shortcomings, that will make the face look More horizontal width, and do not wear a very small earrings pandora charms clearance on sale , it will make the whole face looks bigger. Select the lines of the angle of the pearl earrings style, you can highlight the cheekbones, reducing the feeling of full of fat.
③ square face: should wear curly lines or round, oval and other round pearl earrings, can help reduce the [square] feeling to cushion the face of the edges and corners, button or hanging earrings is also very appropriate, so that the face seems to compare Slender where to buy pandora bracelets cheap . Try to avoid earrings, because the earrings generally only face a good crush just wear the right.
④ inverted triangle face: This is characterized by full and full forehead, chin thin. Should be selected on the narrow width of the wide, such as triangular, pear-shaped earrings, to strengthen the width of the lower part of the ornaments, so that the chin was slightly wider, wearing a sharp angle when the top  pandora offers uk or the upper metal design slightly elongated, Of the section. Ear-style earrings is the most unfavorable, should avoid any zygomatic part of the earrings can be larger.
⑤ long face can choose a large circular structure of the pearl earrings, so you can achieve the effect of shortening the face, not wearing a bead-style, to avoid long long earrings, wholesale pandora within a medium length to round or rounded Earrings can add a sense of fullness for the face.

(3) different occasions pearl earrings style choice
①, work can wear a simple pearl earrings with a suit, to pay attention to the ins and outs, work too thick, will reduce the sense of the value of earrings cheap pandora sale .
②, the daily leisure to wear exaggerated geometric earrings picture, rough wood earrings, gypsy-style giant ring is a wild taste, can make people full of bold modern pandora store sale.
There are countless pearl earrings, but as long as you master the above pearl earrings style selection techniques, you will be able to find a most suitable for their own pearl earrings, find the corresponding harmonic earrings to wear modification, so that the face inclined to perfect Showing extraordinary demeanor and temperament mickey mouse ring pandora .