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Colored group refers to some do not belong to light or dark, gold and silver pandora charms but with other colors of pearls. Such as tin gray, green, blue, purple, purple, yellow – golden yellow and so on. This is not common in pearls, but because of its color is not gorgeous, the lack of fascinating charm, so the market price is not necessarily higher than the light group. However, those who have golden hues in the colored group known as the pandora disney charms uk  “golden beads” of the pearls, discount pandora jewelryit is the most expensive pearl on the market today. It is reported that the current global production is about 100 kg per year, of which 9-14MM ball average price of 400-600 US dollars per gram, that is, each 900-2500 US dollars.
Pearl body color in addition to natural color, but also artificial color. Especially in the black group pearl most feel artificial color, there are four ways to know the artificial color pandora believe in magic charm .


One is bleached. Pearls, especially light-colored pearls after bleaching, bleaching is the processing technology that must be done. Sometimes repeated repeated bleaching to remove some of the pearl surface of the stain, increase the whiteness and brightness. This processing is considered to pandora suitcase charm  be optimized and acceptable.
Second, dyeing treatment. One of the most common is the use of silver salt black black pearl, in recent years also see organic dyed black pearl and other colored beads. Dyed beads more than a single color, pandora type charms halo color is not strong, shiny weak, but the color of color beads will be more vivid color; enlargement check can be seen irregular scattered stains; if the pearl surface cracks, visible stains In this relative concentration. Which with silver salt stained pearls, if dipped in 2% dilute nitric acid cotton ball test, dalmatian pandora charm we can see the cotton ball stained with black or dark brown. From the perforation of pearls, the visible layer is limited to the surface.
Third, radiation color. Radiation can make light beads into black, bronze, peacock green, dark purple, dark blue and so on. According to the study, pandora disney range the reason why pearls will be due to high-energy radiation and color, set with its components containing trace manganese. Sea water beads with low manganese, so the radiation after the lighter color, more silver gray. Radiation colored pearls can have a good halo color. But the heat generated when the radiation can make the pearl layer slightly inflated, pandora christmas dog charm water loss, resulting in sporadic irregular cracks (some under the surface). Its color that is concentrated nitric acid test will not fade. From the perforation check, if the nuclear beads, we can see the color of beads below the beads more deep. In addition pandora pet charms , the natural color of the Tahiti black pearls (including raising beads), in the ultraviolet light often issued red fluorescence, and dyeing beads or radiation coloring black pear no red fluorescence. This is one of the most important bases for identifying them.
Four is color and colored artificial beads to breed colored beads gold dog charms for bracelets . This colored beads from the appearance is difficult to identify, the best way is to use endoscopy, from the pearl perforation to observe, you can see the beads on the surface of a significant color layer.

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