Abstract: pearl jewelry has become a popular trend in the new century,  cheap pandora Dangle Charms only understand the real pearl women, it seems to have taste and temperament. However, the market there are many fake and shoddy pearls, then, how to identify a pearl necklace true and false and good or bad? What is the pearl brand? Next, buy network Xiaobian to come to you for a detailed introduction.
What kind of pearl good pearl quality appreciation and identification pandora bracelet for charms
One, look luster
The so-called “jewel”, luster is the soul of pearls. No light, less light pearls on the lack of aura. Look at the light, the pearl should be flat on the white cloth, can see the pearls overflow overflowing luster; and facing the light to see, good pearls can see the colorful rainbow, rich levels of changes,beads pandora  but also See the metal texture of the spherical, and even can be mapped out of the pupil, especially bright can be included in the A-level, slightly second to the B-class.

What kind of pearl good pearl quality appreciation and identification
Gloss level quality requirements pandora bangle price 
Very strong A reflected light is particularly bright, sharp, uniform, the surface like a mirror, the image is very clear
Strong B reflected light bright, sharp, uniform, the image is very clear
C in the reflected light bright, the surface can see the object image
Weak D reflected light is weak, the surface can see the object, but the image is more vague
Second, look flaws  pandora charms new
Surface pox, spot, India, pits, the less the better points, generally in the 0.5 meters away can not see the flaws as acceptable standards. A-class standard for 100% smooth surface, the naked eye near to see no flaws. Of course, with magnifying glass are difficult to see that the flaw is the best pick in the Need, such as mariculture pearl finish level buy pandora.

Finish level quality requirements;
No time to observe the surface of the naked eye smooth and delicate, very difficult to observe the surface flaws;
Leisure B surface has very little flaws, like needle-like, the naked eye is difficult to observe;
Small leisure C has a small flaw, the naked eye easy to observe pandora 50th charms;
Defective defects are obvious, accounting for less than a quarter of the surface area;
The defective E flaw is evident, seriously occupying more than a quarter of the surface area;
Third, look at the color bracelets like pandora
The color of the pearls is rich and colorful, especially the fresh water. The best pearl color is black, gold, white with rosy color halo. Black pearls are few, very rare, artificial breeding is subject to conditions, so good black pearl prices are particularly expensive. The reason why there are many pearls of pearls, white gold pandora charms because the shellfish and the growth of different waters, pearl quality contains the color of metal ions are different.