What is gold pearl?
Nanyang gold pearl referred to as “Golden Pearl”,

is a kind of Nanyang pearl. Golden pearl produced in the lips, this mussels individual largest, so nurtured out of the size of the Nanyang gold pearl is also very large. The most common size is generally 9-15mm, the largest 18MM, according to records found that the largest South Sea beads diameter reached 21MM cheap pandora charm bracelets.
Why is the price difference between gold pearl?

Nanyang pearl is the best in pearls, whether it is in the precious degree or price are called: the king of pearls.
Nanyang pearl mother is very rare and its more sensitive to the requirements of the environment is very high, must be in the calm of the deep sea without pollution to survive sterling silver cheap pandora charms . So the cultivation of Nanyang pearls is very difficult, while its breeding cycle is very long, must ensure that the pearl shell placed at the bottom of the sea at least health to live for six years to harvest pearls. General Nanyang pearls can only rely on marine fishing, plus the Australian government  pandora christmas charms sale on the annual Nanyang mother of pearl shellfish to develop a small limit and strict management regulations, so the production of Nanyang Golden Pearl is very rare, resulting in gold Pearl prices have been high.
Golden pearl price depends on the quality of its pearl quality, as well as its size, shape, surface finish. Pearl quality determines its luster, the more luster the more pearls the more beautiful pandora earrings cheap . And the size of the pearl of gold pearl price is also its key role. The greater the shape of the pearl cultivation more difficult, the longer the incubation time, so the greater the shape of the pearl is more rare, things vaguely expensive, so the greater the price of gold pearl the higher this is inevitable pandora bracelet sale 2017 .
One of the main reasons for the big difference in price is its size. Before 1993,order pandora charms the relatively high-quality small particles of gold pearls: 9 ~ 14mm, each gold pearl price of about 300 to 800 US dollars, 130 to 200 US dollars per gram, and now gold pearl prices have risen to 400 to 600 US dollars per gram pandora bracelet best price . If it is larger particles of gold pearls, such as more than 15mm round gold pearl price is not just a small pearl doubled, but showing an exponential rise. Which led to why the price of gold pearls vary widely.
In addition to the size of the pearl of the impact of gold pearl jewelry, the shape of the more round, the stronger the gloss, the surface defects less gold pearl value higher pandora style beads cheap .
Why is the price difference between gold pearl?
I believe we read the above to explain the number of heart it! Golden pearl is very rare and rare, so it is not easy to make a lot of jewelry, or even string into a necklace is not so simple thing cheap pandora rings online . From a lot of pearls in the selection of a string of symmetrical golden pearl necklace, is really difficult, often takes 6 months to 12 months. String of Nanyang gold pearl necklace prices are generally more than ten million. Currently on the market gold pearl jewelry is generally more pearl rings, pendants, earrings these pearl-shaped pearl jewelry
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Xiao Bian that consumers in the purchase of gold pearls, according to their own economic ability and preferences to pick gold pearl. Especially to remind consumers that the market is now emerging on the false beads, consumers in the purchase is to pay more attention, the best choice to have genuine protection of the brand to buy authentic pandora charms sale .