Traditional jewelry brand Chow Sang Sang is also thinking about how this end with the end of this combination of IP, you can take the “naval king” necklace from pandora entrance to grab a large number of second-time users have not been covered, so that the traditional sense of the old brand Into the circle of young people.
In recent years, a large number of foreign light luxury jewelry brand began to snatch the Chinese market, like PANDORA, TASAKI, agatha, etc.,  pandora necklaces and bracelets many are because of a Korean drama, Japanese drama implantation and sudden emergence of the brand, these new forces to join the traditional domestic brands All of a sudden feel the pressure, “We do not want to be a mother’s jewelry brand, pandora bead charms not when the user wants to marry when we think of us, we hope to be integrated into everyone’s daily work life,” Chow Tai Fook’s business executives have Tell electricity online.

Live demonstrapandora sister bead
pandora bracelet sister charm tion of diamond pandora sister charm bead cutting process with traditional diamond grinding techniques. And the video area is more use of ultra-high-definition television broadcast International Gemological Institute of the first 3D effect of the three-dimensional film with diamonds, the public wear 3D glasses, you can see 4K resolution in the most clear and sharp, four times higher than the full HD 3D image. The scene also set a rare day of the professional test equipment, visitors can carry their own arbitrary diamond, personally detect the internal structure of diamonds pandora bracelet for sale .
Hefei Yin Tai Shopping Center, 2nd Floor, brought together the world’s first-line fashion brand, a high-end shopping mall in Hefei. This time, Chow Sang Sang new design of the shop, pandora gold bracelet price  but also elegant and extraordinary image of the extraordinary grand debut, extraordinary momentum.
Zhou Shengsheng in addition to continue to bring new diamond ornaments design, more dedicated to provide guests with pleasant shopping space.  silver pandora bracelet price Hefei Yin Tai shop, the implementation of Chow Sang Sang brand design elements, the use of transparent glass curtain wall to create dynamic effects, bright and soft lighting to enhance shopping comfort.