Jacob in 1890 immigrated from Europe to New York, is a well-known craftsmen. His career was later inherited by Harry Winston, pandora birthstone flower charm who was the father of Renault. Because Hai Rui born with excellent business wrist, high-quality diamonds have unique vision, he succeeded in selling jewelry to New York rich upper class, and only 24 years old founded the first company.
Klein Patera, the god of the sun god, her dazzling light filling the Bulgari Rose Jin Yang perfume fragrance connotation, her immortal spirit will also be in this charming fragrance series has been extended,pandora birthstone flower charm  Modern feminine white woman. As one of the most famous beauticians in history, she was very knowledgeable about the art of temptation, making Julius Caesar and Marc Antony the two most prominent leaders in history. For her dumping. Her clever, glamorous, pose the achievements of her unique peerless elegance,pandora black and white flower charm  but also let her become a history of praise, Zhuoer different Pharaohs. Klein Patera has many talents, and the most talked about is that she is very good at creating, the use of “love weapons” – such as jewelry and perfume, so that her lover was captivated.
Decided to lure the Roman Empire General Mark Anthony that night, Cleopatra’s palace covered with knee-length rose petals, fresh roses fragrance filled room big flower earrings . People always say that fragrance can be aphrodisiac, passion and passion between partners to become more powerful and long-term may be the resulting Rose is the favorite flower of Cleopatra, in addition to love the aroma of roses, the rose has long been the most recognizable personal symbol of Egyptian Yan.
November 15, 2012 (Rome time) BVLGARI Bvlgari hand in hand “Save the Children” celebration party held in Rome, Italy grand celebration BVLGARI Bvlgari for the “Save the Children” donated more than silver charms for jewelry making 20 million US dollars.

Many Chinese stars and celebrities from all walks of life attended the celebration of the celebration.
Top jewelry brand “BVLGARI Bvlgari”, following the 2015 Taipei 101 building mall hangs SERPENTI lighting art after the feat, once again hit the $ 20 million in heavy,pandora happy little bird charm  Taichung big foothold in the first Diva Tower lighting device art The In the Far East Department Store General Manager Xu Xuefang, Bulgari Taiwan Managing Director Zhang Limin together lights, in the 50,000 LED lights under the embellishment, Diva Tower blooming bright dazzling light, attracting people across the eyes.
Zhang Limin said that in recent years, Bulgari through large-scale installation art, to enter the mass of life, to convey to the public Italian aesthetic style pandora bird necklace . Last year’s SERPENTI lighting device art caused a warm response, the road between the public overwhelmed by Taipei 101 shopping malls magnificent snake-type lighting attracted, stop to enjoy; Bulgari this year, the introduction of Diva Tower lighting art, as with the Taiwan culture Exchange gifts.