Hong Kong Silver Age International Jewelry Co pandora disney charms sale ., Ltd., Hangzhou Silver Age Jewelry Co., Ltd., silver top ten brands, founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, product style to fashion, simple, personalized, elegant for the mainstream, professional research and development of silver products well-known enterprises


“SILVER AGE Silver Age” was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, frozen charms for pandora bracelet the founder was engaged in the advertising industry and made a contribution in the industry, Ms. Qiu Yuan Fang. Brand founder for women have their own different understanding of the standard, breaking the traditional concept. She believes that the new era of women should be the same for the cause of the same warm pursuit of love pandora charms disney collection ; for life with a self-attitude, not secular, not with the flow, always maintain their own attitude and attitude of life. And her understanding of fashion is – fashion is the attitude of life and the inner world of a way of expression, a self-attitude to maintain.
In 1997, Ms. Qiu Yuanfang was invited by friends to Hong Kong for fashion brand research, keen to capture the sterling silver jewelry will set off a strong fashion consumer trends,mickey pandora charm  they are determined to create a new wave of oriental jewelry to lead the silver brand, in order to To express their understanding of the new era of women and the interpretation of fashion. The In the advertising industry under the accumulation of deep branding skill Qiu Yuan Fang and friends after several discussions immediately identified the creation of silver brand ideas. The following year, “SILVER AGE Silver Age” brand was officially born in Hong Kong,pandora charms disney exclusive  an innovative spirit of fashion silver fashion era also opened! “SILVER AGE Silver Age” will be the new urban women’s lifestyle and fashion spirit and silver jewelry unique blend of temperament, and soon get a lot of young women and fashion people’s attention and respected. Brand in-depth study of urban new women’s lifestyle, inner world, with rich design concept of the product as a carrier interpretation of the new urban lifestyle and fashion attitude. new disney pandora charms 2017 Wear silver jewelry is the era of fashion lifestyle is the pursuit of self-inner world is the best way to express.
In 2001, Ms. Qiu Yuanfang officially “SILVER AGE silver era” into the mainland, so that silver fashion trend affect the broader population. Brand has been established, has become China’s silver jewelry fashion trend to lead the brand.