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Abstract: SWAROVSKI Swarovski has hosted a private dinner in the Crystal World and has released Miranda’s first new series of jewelry designs to the global media  gold and silver pandora charms . Miranda has a series of works with Swarovski Crystals, composed of Diapason and Duo, with a dazzling style, highlighting the colorful feminine style, and focusing on meticulous proportions, feminine design and exquisite crystal applications. At the same time, these jewelry works also reflect the value of her cherished original pandora.
Swarovski held a private dinner in Crystal World and released Miranda’s first new series of jewelry designs to the global media. Dinner guests include Filipino fashion bloggers Bryan Boy, Australian fashion blogger Margaret Zhang and Brazilian actress Giovanna Ewbank. pandora pieces Miranda Kerr was wearing a sparkling series of jewelry that evening and welcomed the invited guests with Robert Buchbauer, Chief Executive Officer of Swarovski Crystal Business.

Swarovski Crystal Co., Ltd. Miranda has launched a series of jewels
Miranda Kerr’s partnership with Swarovski is made up of Diapason and Duo.pandora watches  To flash dazzling way, highlighting the colorful female style, and pay attention to the proportion of careful, charming design and exquisite crystal application. At the same time, these jewelry works also reflect the value of her cherished: love, joy, vitality, elegance, guardian and opportunity,charms and beads  these rich meanings are reflected in the delicate flashing pendant. Miranda Kerr × Swarovski co-operation series of red carpet models and leisure models, a little red carpet models can be used as a Christmas gift or tail body of the use of style, a little casual fashion can become the finishing touch of everyday modeling.

Recently, the top jewelry brand in Italy, the world “King of color gem” BVLGARI Bvlgari held in Shanghai, “Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari” collection of jewelry art exhibition grand opening ceremony, Bulgari Greater China and Australia Manager Mr. Antoine Pin,sterling silver cheap pandora charms  Bulgari Brand and Collection Curator Lucia Boscaini, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai Stefano Beltrame, the famous movie star, Ms. Carina Lau, came to the opening scene and cut the ribbon for this exhibition. The feast of the feast brought the Hollywood legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor’s private jewelry collection, in the May 30 to June 9 in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza atrium public display pandora necklaces and pendants. This is the second stop after Beijing, China is the last stop.
It is worth mentioning that, at the show, Bulgari will also Taylor representative, Hollywood classic giant “Egyptian Yan” in the wear of the costumes and original posters together, to give the exhibition more rich content. This feast feast not only shows the distinguished jewelry of jewelry, as well as the long-lasting love of Bulgari pandora bracelet sale discount , Taylor is a wonderful life concentrated in front of the audience.

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Abstract: Many people love the gold necklace, because it is not like gold necklace extravagance, nor better than the platinum necklace elegant and elegant, the color is between the two between a beautifull c

both fashionable and elegant, It is not put it down, the charm can not resist, is between the items “if nothing” sexy, highlight the feminine charm. But in real life, some people encountered a problem, how to do the gold medal necklace? How to maintain the daily gold medal necklace pandora charms online store?
【Gold Necklace】 Choi gold necklace broken how to do color gold necklace maintenance guide

In recent years has been very popular gold and gold necklace, gold a bit like the feeling of riches, platinum with more people, the color is really beautiful, especially the skin of the white girls,november birthstone pandora  gold with a more touching.
Gold jewelry sales in China, a steady rise, indicating that we are in line with the international market. Gold jewelry because of its lighter weight, the price is slightly lower, exquisite craft, fashionable and more and more like everyone’s favorite. The prize money is made up of 75% of 18K gold and other alloys pandora ruby birthstone charm . Hardness than pure gold, compared with the traditional gold and platinum, gold can not only make the color of colored gemstones more concentrated, but also reflects the fine metal material, delicate. The prize money to bring warm and happy; in style is also varied! Different styles of jewelry, can be described as bright dazzling, women, whether it is a professional dress or evening dress, with the match can show elegant temperament pandora two tone heart safety chain.
Gold Necklace Selection Guide
Chinese folk summed up a set of simple methods, the formula is: to see color, weigh the weight, listening rhyme, folding hardness, stone grinding, contrast card, with acid point, clip charms for pandora bracelet the fineness. The first four sentences by the eyesight, with the feeling; after four need to use tools and reagents. As the color is not pure gold or pure platinum, but in the K gold or K platinum on the basis of a layer of rhodium plating, so that the appearance of more beautiful. But with the passage of time, pandora bracelet stoppers the surface of the rhodium water will slowly wear off, it will miss the original color of gold, that is often said to turn yellow or fade.

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Imitation gold necklace
Not only style, modeling new, and low prices, as young men and women love things  pandora butterfly charm dangle . The materials used are from copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-metallic materials. The style and characteristics of such necklaces are basically the same as gold necklaces.
2 from the style point of view on the style, the main side of the chain, whip chain, double sets and three sets of chain, fancy chain, mechanism chain.

Side silk chain
From mechanical processing into semi-finished products, and then processed by hand. This necklace because of the smaller diameter, so more suitable for the neck slender people to wear pandora gold bracelet with charms.

Whip chain
Mainly to hand-processing, mainly made into a 24K gold necklace, more stout, strong, more suitable for older people.

Double chain, three sets of chain
Manual processing, three-dimensional sense of strong, elegant appearance, girls wear even more posture, but it is not strong enough, maintenance is not convenient pandora necklaces and bracelets.

Fancy chain
Fancy chain with silk chain, whip chain folder composed of fine patterns, but also the rugged chain of addicted to change the composition of the dotted floral, and the combination of jewelry.

Mechanism chain
Completely machined. Shape back to the pattern, streamlined, three-dimensional and the characteristics of the abstract pattern.

1, pay attention to style on the road, size is accurate
Necklace size depending on the human, neck thick, size to be larger, and vice versa is smaller. Collar necklace, do not deserve pendant; wear three lapel and high-necked sweaters, sweaters,sister pandora charm
pandora sister charm bead  necklaces to wear in the clothes outside the necklace, wearing a necklace, , Pendant to no water chest burr, so as not to friction with each other.
2, to consider the decorative effect, clothing with
If you want to wear out the necklace on the pendant, the necklace should not be too long too thick. If you only consider the necklace of the beautiful,pandora on sale bracelets  but also pay attention to the necklace style and clothing style with some of the use of a single string, and some use a multi-string type.
3, to pay attention to different material matching effect
Different materials and different clothing styles will have a different effect, if wearing a red suit skirt, coupled with a gold necklace, look warm, suitable for attendance festive banquet and other occasions; if wearing a blue polyester polyester yarn dress, with a Root silver necklace, will appear gentle and cheerful, pandora charm bracelet best prices charming and charming; sometimes in the tight sports skirt, coupled with a gold necklace, will make you more light and lively; if put on a light green and white flowers and white polyester Joe’s yarn dress, coupled with a silver pearl necklace, will make you full of cool and cool atmosphere; if put on a clean white with red beads, where to buy pandora charms online will appear more beautiful and rich charm.