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Abstract: What kind of pearl to buy the best color? To know good or bad, cheap pandora Safety Chains  may wish to first understand the total number of pearls under a total of how many colors, how many species classification. Common pearls are mostly silver and white, but there are many other colors. The general pearl color is silver white, milk white, porcelain white, white rose, pink, yellowish, black, blue and black, gray black, brown black, dark blue, pandora minnie mouse charm dark green, dark brown, purple brown and bronze , In addition to these natural colors, there are some in the market there are businessmen artificial dyeing pearls, the following for everyone to introduce the color of pearls, pearl which color looks good, pearl artificial color method minnie mouse pandora bracelet charm .
Pearl color which pearl which color looks good pearl artificial color method
black Pearl
Pearl color which pearl which color looks good pearl artificial color method
What is the color of pearls? Common pearls are mostly silver and white, but there are many other colors.
The color of pearls can be divided into body color and halo. Halo is caused by the physical optical effect,
pandora frozen collection it is with the opacity of the beads, the thickness of the beads and other factors. Body color is the color of the pearl itself. What is the color of pearls? According to the different body color of pearls, pearls are divided into three groups: light group, black group and colored group pandora mickey bracelet.
Light-colored pearls are the most common pearls. The group of common colors are silver, milky white, porcelain white, white rose, pink, yellowish and so on. Among them, silver and white commonly known as “silver light skin” is the most favorite colors of the people; followed by commonly known as “beauty drunk” and “baby face” pink,disney charm beads  but also by the people’s favorite. At present, the highest price is mainly from Australia and other South Pacific white “South Sea beads”. It is reported that its output is only 2300 kg per year. The average price is $ 120-161 per gram. Which diameter 9-12MM ball, each price of 100-600 US dollars pandora disney 2017 , 13-15MM is 800-5000 US dollars, 16-20MM is 6000-10000 US dollars. The most unpopular in the light group is the slightly yellow pearl. In fact, light-colored pearls after a long period of time to wear and wear, often will gradually turn yellow, so there are “people old bead worthless,” the saying goes.
Black group or dark group, are some dark and dark pearls, pandora walt disney world  such as black, blue and black, gray black, brown black, dark blue, dark green, dark brown, purple and bronze and other colored pearls. Such pearls due to the origin is relatively small, mainly from the South Pacific Tahiti a sea area, pandora charms disneyland with an annual output of about 5,000 kilograms, so long has been a relatively valuable pearl species. It is reported that the average price of black beads per gram 160-200 dollars. Of which 8MM ball, each about 120 US dollars; 10MM each 250 US dollars; 18MM each 24,000 US dollars each. Black pearls because of the high price, therefore, in addition to the natural color in the market, but also common by artificial dyeing or radiation from the color of the “black pearl.”  pandora disney parks The price of the latter is quite different from the natural ones.

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Necklace is almost essential for girls jewelry, with the increase in the number of aesthetic needs, necklace style, rich shape, with a strong decorative. Whether there is the same feeling, Spring 2017 and Autumn 2017 every time to the jewelry store, looking at the dazzling necklace many are called the name, do not know how to ride, but do not know how to choose? Today, the knowledge of the necklace can help you, the knowledge posted together to turn up!

Necklace meaning
Necklace (Pinyin: xiàngliàn; English: necklace) is made of gold and silver, jewelry and other made in the chain of neck shape jewelry. Is one of the decorations of the human body, is the earliest appearance of jewelry. Necklaces in addition to decorative functions, some necklaces also have a special display Birthstone Wedding Bands  Pandora Beads Sale authentique , such as the Catholic cross chain and Buddhist beads. Since ancient times, people in order to beautify the body itself, but also beautify the environment, creating a variety of different styles, different characteristics, different styles of necklaces, to meet the different color, different nationalities, different aesthetic aesthetic needs.

1 necklace from the material point of view there are gold and silver necklace, jewelry necklace and imitation gold necklace three categories.

Gold and silver necklace
Long history, is the main species in the necklace. Gold necklace with 24K (gold), 18K, 14K three. Silver necklace with 92.5% silver and silver-plated silver two  Pandora Birthstone Heart . People prefer to use gold and silver necklaces, especially the elderly prefer 24K gold necklace, it has a hedge (high value) meaning, but also a strong decorative effect.

Jewelry necklace
Compared with the gold and silver necklace, its decorative effect is more intense, more rich color changes, especially young people favored. Jewelery for necklaces are crystal, diamond, natural pearls, ivory, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, emerald and other high-grade materials, but some with breeding beads, agate, coral jade, green pine and so on pandora bracelets and charms  .